Farmers’ Study Tours

Agricultural Study Tours

Our specialty is in fields related to Agriculture study tour covers education to the Indian market (Indian Farmers) which will cover following areas for their improvement in terms of production and financial growth.

Programs can include

  • Agriculture, dairy and wineries
  • Horticulture and nurseries
  • Forest mgt
  • Environmental education
  • Aquaculture
  • Others on request

An unforgettable experience

  • Small groups
  • Customized programs
  • Flexible schedules
  • Expert facilitators and guides
  • Hands-on activities and cultural exchange
  • Sightseeing and explorations

Our focus is on groups of farmers, youth leaders, students, and professionals. Our tours are small, specialized expeditions that take you off the beaten track. Each tour is customized to the group’s interests and enables you to have fun & adventure. And, through cultural and technical exchange you’ll become acquainted with key issues and industries related to your areas of study and professional interests.

In 2018 we “Life Line Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd.” company was awarded a government contract for organizing Farmers’ Education tours to Israel. During this we have taken around 50 Farmers along agricultural officers for study tour to Israel. We have give the best of our series and inputs for the product and its appreciated by Government of Maharashtra. Now for onwards tor we will be always there for all farmers Maharashtra.

More inputs about Agricultural Study Tours.

Where we travel

  1. Right now we stared with Israel
  2. Holland, Norway, Denmark this are mainly for Dairy products
  3. Mauritius for sugarcane production and related to its activities
  4. Punjab – India for large scale wheat production and other grains
  5. Other Countries: Willing to explore depending on the group’s request.

Israel Study Tour- 2018 Portfolio

What is our main area of work on which we focus more?

  • Agriculture & horticulture including dairy and wine industries Forestry and fisheries
  • Natural resource management and conservation
  • Environmental education, interpretation and ecotourism
  • Rural and sustainable development
  • Other related fields on request.

What we provide on these tours ?

  1. We make traveling easy, exciting, and safe for you
  2. Scheduled visits based on the group’s requests and interests.
  3. Cultural exchanges
  4. Sightseeing (jungle trips, scenic mountain tours, historic sites)
  5. Pre-trip cultural information.
  6. Pre-trip travel logistics (health, money, climate, etc.).
  7. All meals and lodging.
  8. All in-country travel.
  9. Arrival orientation to the country and people.
  10. Experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Why travel with Lifeline Tours and Travels for Agricultural Study Tours ?

Experienced has worked in a number of agricultural and natural resource projects on different levels. The professional contacts and intimate knowledge of each country gained through these projects, is the base of what we offer on a study tour. Through our International partners and their expert’s knowledge in this sector always help us to design and implement quality study tours.  Its and unique combination of Knowledge and handwork which always result in to good output in terms of fruitful Agricultural study tour product.

  1. Strong in-country networks and relationships with local communities
  2. Large, Small, intimate group size
  3. Personal attention from start to finish
  4. Local in-country bi-lingual guides
  5. Flexible programs customized to the group’s interests
  6. Programs that respect and protect the natural environment
  7. Emphasis on supporting local communities visit
  8. Inclusion of cultural activities
  9. An opportunity to learn and grow

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