Lifeline Tours & Travels (P) Ltd, started operating from 1981 at Pune, initially though started delivering touring services in MS, Now covering entire India and Worldwide services in this Tourism Sector for the best satisfaction of our esteemed Clients.
Why our Customer is insisting for Only Life Line Services?
Pleasant atmosphere and providing challenging homely services from our experienced, trained staff and best skilled manageable techniques that attracts our clients.

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One of Leading company, Lifeline Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd, Director-Mr.Jeevan Hendre, Awarded by Phoenix Award, Sinhgad Road, Pune, which was developed in 1991and was converted into a private limited company in 2004. This offers the services like passport, visa, Ticketing, packages (International , Domestic, All tailor-made packages). To promote Agro Tourism in Maharashtra, Lifeline Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd, which earlier had planned to set-up luxury and budget accommodation units near Bhatghar Dam, located at around 60 kilometers from Pune. Some historic monuments such as Rayreshwar Fort, 25 kms away from Bhor where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had taken oath and establishing Hindu Kingdom.Rohida Fort, 7 kms from Bhor with a lot of history related to Shivaji Maharaj and his knights. Kawlagarh fort, 40kms away from Bhor restling in beautiful Varundha ghat a panage connecting Western Maharashtra and Konkan. Torna Fort, 60 kms from Bhor first capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Layangiri, 16 kms from Bhor mountain caves nexting in beautiful surrounding country. Purandar/Vaijargarh fort, 30 kms from Bhor these two forts close to each other. Chhatrapati’s son Sambhajirao was born here. Bhor Rajwada.

  • Some interesting rural activities are available for the visitors of Anandi Jeevan Krushiparyatan Kendra. The rural activities like –

  • Carom:Carom can be played with two to four players. It involves pocketing coin pieces using a larger piece and there are different ways in which that can be done.

  • Kancha:This game involves the use of round glass marbles.The object of playing Kancha is to collect as many as you can by striking the opponent’s marbles.

  • Pitthu(Lagori): This is a simple and fun game where the players are divided into two teams. A small stack of flat stones and a ball are the two things required in this game. Each team takes their turns at toppling the stack and then they run while the other team has to hit/touch each of the players in the opposing team with the ball.
  • Kite Flying:Children in rural India make their own kites and fly them.

  • Lattu: It is a game that simply involves spinning a wooden lattu which has grooves in its lower half and a nail at the bottom to spin on. A cotton string is wrapped around the grooves on the lower half and deploying it makes it spin.

  • Hide and Seek

  • Gilli Danda: It is a popular street game which rivals the popularity of cricket at some stage. The game is played with a small piece of wood tapered on both sides known as gilli and a larger piece of wood that is used to strike the gilli known as Danda. The object of the game is to get the gilli as far away from the home base as possible. The rules are amazingly similar to cricket and in some way it is a crude form of the more popular sport.

  • Some More activities are like trekking, swimming, chess, etc.

   Information About The resort:
Luxury and budget accommodation units near Bhatghar Dam, located at around 60 kilometers from Pune. Lifeline Tours and Travels acquires about 12 acres of land near the above mentioned dam and has started constructing accommodation units for Agro Tourism. The Agro Tourism centre is named as Anandi Jeevan Krushiparyatan Kendra(Agro Tourism centre).We have planted trees like banyan, mango, kajju, pomegranate, etc. Vegetable plants like onion, bringle, methi, etc are also cultivated. The Houses are surrounded by beautiful scenery of backwater and range hills.
   Nearest Places:
As we travel to Anandijeevan Krushiparyatan Kendra we come across to see various sites nearby it. The places such as: Baneshwar, temple of Shiva located in the village of Nasarapur about 36 km southwest of Pune.
  • Bhatghar Dam
  • Necklace point
  • Khedshivapur Darga
TRIP Package:
Day Prip Package One Night Stay
For groups(min pax 20) 800-/ per head 1250-/ per head

Inclusions:Food, accommodation (stay package) and mentioned activities.
  • Welcome drink like lemon shrabat,walla shrabat,etc.

  • Upma/Pohe/Idli Catni,etc

  • Lunch – veg (Dal rice, chapati/bhakri, Bhaji ( bhengan masala, zunka, Aalu sabji,etc), papad, pickle, curd(dhai))

  • Non-veg (Chicken/Egg)

  • Sancks- Tea/coffee, biscuits/Pakoda
   Visited Groups:
School and colleges, Senior citizens, Bhishi Groups, Bachat gat groups, couples, families, Bank members, IT centre groups, Club members, Tours and travels members, etc.
Our Valuable Clients